MJC Sets the Limit

It is now to be understood that it is only one religion – Islam –  that is to hold a privileged status among the worlds religions. It is to be stationed above all others where it shall act with impunity – irreverent speech will not impeach the great religion of Islam, and offenders will not  go unpunished. The Muslim Judicial Council will now be setting the limit on free speech with out our permission and apparently free speech ends where Islamic theology begins. Well, I must say, I shall not abide.

What needs to be forcefully deposited into the pre-frontal cortex of the Muslim is that ideas  are not due any respect or favor.  Ideas that make profound claims upon the human race are to be especially challenged. Muslims had better start getting used to the idea that the ideas that make up Islam shall be scrutinized at a time according to my leisure. They had better start getting used to it now.

There are those who hold no esteem nor favor for the legacy of prophets, nor mystical revelations. No, I do not believe a inhospitable, ill-tempered 7 th century merchant received the final revelation to mankind through the arc-angel Gabriel.  What about this ridiculous claim  is worthy of respect. In 2015 there  is a particularly  virulent and menacing strain of Islam that has begun to encroach on the values of western democracies.

It is the cowardly left and the dogma of multiculturalism and Muslim appeasement that has set the climate for events like the Paris shooting. The Muslim narrative states that it is infringements of the West:  drone and bombing campaigns in Pakistan, Iraq etc, – the occupation of Muslim Lands that incite such reprisals. But this sleight of hand is easy to spot.

What grievance can the Muslim not find in the historical record to justify violence?  Cartoons and satire is the product of one particular religion’s  recurring acts of violence and destruction. The problem begins with Islam. We must not allow cowards to set the pace of our own destruction. It is disgusting that there is only one French media outlet carrying the specter of free speech. As Ayaan Hirsi Ali has said, we must all share the risk, otherwise freedom of speech as we know it cannot endure in a culture where liberals are unwittingly in league with an Islamic onslaught .


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