Oscar is a killer

pistorius-video-gr_2852090cA South African court has found Oscar not guilty of murder. What does this information mean to a person capable of forming logical and rational thought processes. Absolutely nothing. The trial was nothing more than a public auction with justice dispensed to the highest bidder. From the moment he pulled the trigger, he became the embodiment of a killer. In the eyes of the just, he will always be a man who brutally murdered a defenseless woman.

Even if one is so corrupted as to accept the dictates of justice from a South African Court, all it means is that the state failed to prove premeditated murder beyond a reasonable doubt. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.  But those so taken by the soppy narrative of the double amputee who triumphs over all adversity- have no time for equitable justice.   Even so, Pistorian  groupies declared him innocent before the trial was underway.  This babyish mentality will not be shaken on the grounds that Oscar is cute, sexy and rich. How then can he be guilty of murder?

Groupies might learn to reflect on the statistics.  In South Africa, a woman is killed by an intimate partner every 8 hours.  But Oscar couldn’t possibly be guilty, on the basis  that he is  good overall catch to ambitious young whores.  But some of us know better. No, I don’t believe Michelle burger was lying when she heard ‘blood curdling screams’.  No, I don’t believe Samantha Taylor lied about his boyfriend antics.  Apparently a man who fires 4 bullets into a small  toilet cubicle is more likely to be telling the truth.

It’s probably true that Oscar will never kill again. The pride of the Pistorius family is at stake and  firearms may not be so easily accessible to the amputee.  It could even be true that Oscar has sought forgiveness from a higher power and is haunted by his actions. But we should never excuse him of murder.



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