As thousands of Muslims take to the streets,  however true it is to say that this is just one more display of Muslim hypocrisy – in its most transparent and heightened form. This is too easy and doesn’t begin to describe the abject filthiness of it. The pro-Palestine folk wants you to believe several things about the Palestine/Israel conflict. They would have you believe that this is a conflict about land and not religion. Furthermore their grief and solidarity with the people of Gaza is a humanitarian one.


No  person of  integrity could possibly maintain such a position.  My own suspicion that this is a small front for a much larger war.  To echo Christopher Hitchens, coexistence with radical Islam is neither possible nor desirable. All other considerations are secondary. In the region, the last remaining outpost of resistance is Israel.  But make no mistake, ISIS and it’s psychotic ideology is coming to a neighborhood near you. Whether you are atheist, deist or theist, a collision course with metaphysical claims is inevitable. What makes the conflict so polarizing is that it transcends politics and territory.

A genuine pursuance to the truth of the Middle East conflict would admit of no partiality -incredibly difficult in this instance. How then to discern truth from falsehood? It’s more a case of what information reaffirms the position one has already chosen to believe. This then becomes the truth.

If one is able to briefly disconnect from either stance, the truth is seemingly little more than a tribal instinct. With few exceptions, Muslims are pro-Palestine, Jews and Christian Zionists are pro-Israel.   Truth is determined not by objective reality but inflamed religious hysteria and tribal impulses.
Why then do I believe Israel over Hamas?

Well, objective reality has been very unkind to the Muslim.  Such is the need  for creative conspiracy theories and a strained effort to divorce oneself from reality. There are realities that no individual with a capacity for intellectual honesty can overcome.

1. Israel targets civilians.

Why this cannot be true. [Being proudly pro-Israel  I do not, however confine myself to the base mentality that every Israeli is capable of only holy human conduct, nor do I bestow my blessing upon every shot fired by the IDF.    Israel has its share of religious fanatics, racist supremacist, and homicidal thugs, reckless and negligent soldiers and surely they must be brought to heel, but what society on earth is free of these elements?]

If Israel targets civilians, they are failing miserably.  The UN puts the civilian/militant ratio at round 72%. Israel has the military might to kill every resident of Gaza in a few days.  And from the air, without a single soldier entering Gaza.  The IDF have implemented uncontested measures to warn civilians with leaflets, phone calls, warning mortars and so forth.  The law differentiates between culpable homicide and murder for good reason. Intent is everything. Hamas combatants don’t  wear uniforms, do not advance as a unified army and don’t separate themselves from civilians.  Death of civilians is thus inevitable.

The death of Palestinian children is no less tragic than any other, but at least some responsibility lies with HAMAS.  Even Muhmoud Abbas has said as much:

“We are the losing side, and every minute there are more and more unnecessary deaths. … I don’t like trading in Palestinian blood.”

It’s simply not in the interest of Israel to kill civilians. It is however in the interest of HAMAS. Remember this is a folk who proudly announce that they love death more than we/infidels love life. I believe them and so should you. Israel is held to standards that simply don’t apply to any other country.  Something tells me ISIS is not held to the same standards.  While I  find no fault with a person genuinely moved and enraged by grotesque images coming out of Gaza hospitals, there is  however a problem. Such a person is least of all a Muslim one.

This brings the following into  evidence; Muslims insist that for human life to hold value, two strict and unalterable conditions must be met: 1. The human life in question must be unequivocally Muslim. 2. The human life in question must have been extinguished by one or more infidels.  Most heinous of all a Jew.  This is most telling.
The Muslims who keep describing the war as a ‘genocide’ should first look up the meaning of the word. Genocide Watch has most recently declared a state of emergency for the minorities of Iraq, but Muslim concern for human welfare does not quite extend this far.

The peaceful slaying of a family of 8, the peaceful burying alive of  some 500 Yazidis, the ongoing Syrian civil war with a body count of 180,000, the murder of at least 100 by Boko Harem in Nigeria, this and numerous more daily atrocities are all carried out in the most peaceful manner. Also don’t forget, in self-defense.

One only need conduct a simple thought experiment. If the military power of Israel was instead in the hands of HAMAS, what would be the outcome? Any honest individual knows the answer.
All we have to do is take them at their word, the complete obliteration of Israel and world Jewry.

2. Anti-Semitism is and it’s indelible history is exploited by Israel.

The premise of this argument actually has merit. However it ultimately fails.  It’s true that criticism of Israel must be tackled on its merits. In much the same way that the  label of islamophobia is deviously deployed, so can the label anti-Semite. There is a profound and crucial difference though.  First and foremost anti-Semitism is inseparable from the ideology of HAMAS,  The Muslim brotherhood, Hezbollah etc.  Anti-Semitism is a staple of the Islamic world, it’s not disputed by anyone we ought to take seriously.  The HAMAS charter cites numerous hadith and verses to justify its position and every Muslim knows of the climatic apocalypse prepared for the Jews.   As a devoted and steadfast Islamophobe, the title means that I possess moral clarity.

Inextricable to the aforementioned argument is the ridiculous claim that this is all about politics, not Islam.  For  Muslims to recognize Israel, they would have to first abandon Islam.   Islamic Law cannot  allow for peace in any territory once inhabited by Muslims, thus the notion of peace between Israel and her enemies is not just unlikely but impossible.

Bosnian Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic has said:

“There can be no peace or coexistence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic societies….”

The  very idea of peace in Islamic thinking is a slippery piece of deception. A ceasefire may only be entertained from a position of weakness, whereby they can buy time to regather strength and prepare for conquest. This is the meaning of ‘peace’ for Muslims.

On June 8, 2001 Arafat declared a “ceasefire.” A few days later, Sheikh Ibrahim Mahdi declared on Palestinian TV:

“Allah willing…Israel will be erased…the United States will be erased…Britain will be erased….Blessings to whoever waged jihad for the sake of Allah. Blessings to whoever put a belt of explosives on his body or his son’s and plunged into the midst of the Jews.”

3. There is no evidence of HAMAS using human shields.

Well not according to Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri. He admitted on Gazan National TV that the strategy of human shields had proven effective.   HAMAS cannot defeat Israel militarily thus it leans on it’s Propaganda war.  They know they can rely on the brain dead masses and those desperate to channel their Jew hatred.  The rockets fired by HAMAS is just to bait Israel to respond.  When they do, HAMAS tells its citizens to stay in areas the IDF have warned them to leave.

Tied to this argument is the most stupid one I’ve heard yet.  An imbalance in casualties. Muslims are upset that more Israeli’s were not  killed.  This only adds strength to Israel’s moral case. Israel goes to great expense to protect it’s citizens. HAMAS sacrifices it’s citizens as martyrs.  Israel builds underground bunkers for its citizens. HAMAS spent millions on cement to build underground tunnels at the cost of at least 160 Palestinian children who died while laboring in the tunnels.

They even complain that Israel has superior weapons.  An imbalance of civilian deaths speaks nothing to the morality of a conflict. In World War 2 Britain killed far more German civilians than the inverse.




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