Islam Vs Ayaan


Eric apparently wrote this  Salon piece without any form of embarrassment.  The writer freely  offers the Lefts cowardly prescription for the menacing tactics of Islam – appeasement, startling ignorance and the intellectual sabotage that underpins its rhetoric.


Firstly, to hate or fear the ideology of Islam is not in any sense a blemish – to hate evil is to do well.  Neither is it wrong to fear the erosion of human rights and liberties.  If you do not fear sharia law, Jihad and the horrors of a global caliphate, I might question your sensibilities –  I might also question what it is you know that people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Robert Spencer don’t know.

But they wouldn’t dare. Evidently, they know very little or nothing at all. They trade in ignorance as thought it were a virtue. And most abominable of all, its because they choose not to know, as it would shake the foundations of a romantic and self -righteous paradigm.

First we must deal with the posited blackmail in the term ‘Islamophobia’. It must be understood that ‘Islamaphobes’ are those who possess moral clarity. The difference between good and evil must now be taught to adults as one explaining to a child.  An ideology that advocates supremacist injunctions and glorifies violence –  a supreme entity that calls on death squads to exterminate Jews, Christians, Hindu’s, atheists and dissenters.  This is by definition evil.

What’s at stake in the Ali controversy is whether we should grant legitimacy to critiques of Islam that would be labeled hate speech if applied to the other Western religions

Islam is not a religion, it doesn’t even pretend to be. There is no separation  between the Mosque and state. Whenever a religion crosses this line it traverses into the earthly domain of political power and totalitarianism.  No other religion enforces the installation of its laws and codes by divine sanction. (Sharia Law).  Religion is a personal choice.  Islam makes no provision for the inalienable necessity for our own spiritual  self determination. Apostates are killed and often by their own families.

Islam is the only faith which sees to it that cartoonists, authors and those who may be confused about their right to free speech and thought are dealt with accordingly when not treating Islam with special care.  Indeed Muslims are a hyper sensitive people and will not have their feelings hurt.  Islam is the only faith, so inherently sinister, that  it offers it’s children as a blood sacrifice to kill Jews in the disgusting tactic of suicide bombing.  The faith has a particular preoccupation with the Jewish race that is not incidentally nostalgic for Nazism. The Hadith calls for the ethnic cleansing of Jews in apocalyptic tones and inculcates this hatred to its offspring.  This does make Islam unique.

The difference between the routine double talk of ‘moderates’ and other defenders of the faith and Anjem Choudary, for example,  is honesty.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali’ s claim that Islam is a cult of death could be proved beyond any reasonable doubt in a court of law.  The difference here is that no equivalent critiques could possibly be applied to other faiths.  If we were living in the thirteenth century, yes, it could be applied to the Catholic church, but this in no way excuses Islam in the present.


Each of the latter statements may be proved by the  inerrant revelations of the  Koran and Hadith and the hideous behavior of the parties of God.  But the Left don’t accept the Koran and Hadith as evidence. To do so  might establish a connection between violence and the sacred texts that promote violence.  This is not something they can cope with. Furthermore, they do not even accept the testimony of the murderers themselves.

I can already hear the cries of Erik and co-thinkers.  Firstly they think themselves clever to point out violent passages in the Old Testament.  There is absolutely no imperative therein to justify violence for the present day.  Surah’s are open -ended.  Old testament verses are not.  They also love to decry the Crusades.  Such folk need be  reminded that it is in fact the year 2014 – this merely signifies the desperation of the Leftist/Islamic intelligentsia.  The tyrannical crimes of the Crusades can be laid squarely at the feet of the Catholic church, an institution I am not moved to defend.

Moreover  there is no identifiable ethnic group, by inference of the Torah,  on which to base such a campaign.  This might be the very reason that no such concerted effort exists in Western society.  Other feeble whimpers of the craven will be something to the effect that there are multiple interpretations of Islam.  This is true – however there is no definitive authority to proclaim once and for all what the correct interpretation actually is. We do know that the ‘extremist’ interpretation is also the most honest one. There is no moderation to be found in the Korans pages – remembering that later surah’s take precedent over earlier ones.

We also know that there is no shortage of those who take certain passages quite literally.  One such clue is the tendency to blow oneself up with the express intent of maximum casualties.

A faith that poses extravagant certainties ought to be more welcoming of inquiry.  But there is no need for speculation.  We do not have to guess what life might be like under Islamic rule.  It is plain to see that Islam is a miserable curse on any nation.  The frantic scurry to immigrate exists in one direction only – From Islamic nations to Western ones.  The Left are at pains to decipher how this could possibly be so.

Muslim immigrants are offered equal rights and privileges  in their host countries – rights and liberties that are by no means reciprocated by their Arab counterparts.  Soon it comes to light that equality is not quite sufficient, a restlessness follows – they begin to throw their weight around. The belligerent nature of Islam becomes all the more apparent.  The hostility between Islam and  free speech and thought inevitably comes to the fore.

What does not bring ranting savages to the streets with placards is any number of daily atrocities in the Muslim world. Honor Killings, Acid attacks, genital mutilation – not a word. No, its a Danish cartoon or a unwatchable You-tube video.

In Europe we have Muslim staked territories where police no longer dare to venture.   Filthy organizations like CAIR with indisputable ties to recognized terrorist organizations do their very best to defame Islam’s critics and shut down the free flow of information. Information that is unflattering to Islam’s apologists.

It is not clear to me precisely what is meant by Islamophobia, but those who bring the charge should explain why we shouldn’t fear Islam. Perhaps I’m just not getting it.  The Left pimps Islam in flowery language and stresses the ‘peacefulness’ of its billion strong.   Most salient is the accommodation of other cultures even if comes with the cost of self  sacrificial gradations that secure the destruction of western civilization.

According to Eric the unconvinced are suffering from paranoia and the extremist elements that frequent Islam is best explained by the Wests own meddling in the Middle East. The audacity is found to suppose that Arab dictatorships are the Wests own doing.  Eric speaks as though there is a special place in the warm hearts of Imams for pluralist democracies.  Dictatorial regimes and the suppression of it citizenry is perfectly consistent with the tenets of Islam! What’s more, Muslim immigrants wish to import this tyranny into our societies and restore the glories of a lost caliphate.

The continued existence of Islam has  to be an  unbearable strain on the host – a unceasing striving to live as though  divorced from the dictates of reality. The most helpful guide to the Muslim on this quest proves to be the Koran, the hadith and a steady diet of hate filled conspiracies and propaganda.




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