Oscars Tears

The public distress of the blade runner will have many persuaded that we have a dear and cuddly teddy bear in Oscar Pistorious  – a heaving display of lachrymose will suffice for those who have  already declared him innocent and furthermore play into the lovely narrative of a double amputee who overcomes all the odds.  But once again we fall into a intellectually lazy summation of what the tears and sniffling are all about.  I would  tentatively contend that Oscar Pistorius weeps for no-one but himself – neither adding nor detracting from  guilt or innocence.  It may well be that his remorse is sincere and heartfelt – but for whom? As the impact and scale of his crimes converge to gather traction in the courtroom  – Oscar’s world is irrevocably altered – luxury cars, revolvers and leggy models further out of reach.

There are those among us who wish to congratulate Oscar for a job well done, setting up blogs of support and presenting a bouquet of flowers upon flight from the courtroom.  If the said ilk had their way, law and justice would be dismissively sidelined. Oscar would walk free on the basis that he is cute and sexy – free to lure the next star struck plaything into his bedroom chambers.

Can this be put down to a lack of life experience or plain naivety. I would implore that these unscrupulous gestures be resolutely condemned.  There seems to be a  great difficulty in recognizing who might be the victim in the events of 14 February 2013. It turns out that it is not the blond that was slain behind a locked door,  and neither her family who outlives her, but rather the man who ensured that the bullets found their target.  Interesting.  But it was a mistake. No, reversing into a parked car is a mistake, actually this could be quite reasonably referred to as a homicide.  And in all probability murder.

The Oscar cabal might learn to reflect on the statistics.  In South Africa, a woman is killed by an intimate partner every 8 hours.  But Oscar couldn’t possibly be guilty, the reason being that he is good looking Sport star and a good overall catch to ambitious young whores.

The cabal insist state prosecutor Gerrie Nel  be brought to order – their conscious being violated by the gruesome scene of Ozzy whimpering to a indelicate and stern cross-examination.  The Human Rights of Oscar and his conscionable followers have been unquestionably compromised –  thus a appeal to the Human Rights Commission is sought to end the madness.  Though Nel be implored to go easy on the butcher, what wont cross their minds is that Reeva can no longer testify to the character of the grinning amputee.  Have this ilk any shame? How can they be so sure of his innocence? As to a certainty?

The Oscar cabal should act with more reserve until they have heard this testimony.


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