The list

The righteous man is affirmed by righteous hatred. To neglect the hatred of these listed entities is a offense to those who esteem moral truth and justice. Those who accumulate treasures on the backs of the simple and prey on weak and fickle intellects without compunction, warrants the full fury and derision of our members.  By no means an exhaustive list.


The Jonas Brothers: Shameless profiteering on hapless delinquents with stray impulses and marketable infatuations. A calculated swindle to part developing youths with their parents money. One is pressed to wonder if they may actually believe their forced attempts to arrive at a melody meets any standard of accomplishment. , if so they are more detestable and brazen than pick-pockets. The question before us is therefore: should more effort and resources be invested to persecute and shame listeners?


Nickelback: I knew immediately upon my first sighting of the Nickelback front-man that to loath them was honorable.  Musically Indistinguishable from Creed and Seether. The formula driven power chords a midst inept and superficial pleas to party rock and world peace drivel.  Quite wittingly recycling old song waste to package into new waste for the checkout counter.

Justin Bieber: See Non belieber, only possible value to humanity is visual stimulation or masturbation aid for pedophiles and other sexual deviants.

The Kardashians: Some would describe them to be reality stars, entrepreneurs or career driven go -getters. Make no mistake, the Kardashians are full time whores. It is no accident that an encounter with a black pecker, captured on film, is Kims crowning achievement and the sum total of her talents, but  apparently sufficient to capture the hearts of America.  Managing to turn unadulterated pretentiousness into a TV commodity, the Kardashian tramps sell their vacant, plastic lives to people equally shallow and plastic who hope to live vicariously through them.

Oprah: Prides herself on being an African American and a descendant of the slave trade. Reluctant to live among her brothers and sisters, she may come visit them to learn of their culture and share in their sufferings, with a camera and make-up crew. Just another symptom of idiot America and the cult of celebrity worship. Likes to think of herself as the spiritual leader of America and she just may be right.

Tom Cruise: We may all have been guilty of enjoying Top Gun in our youth, but the more one learns about Cruise, we cannot but be liable to spurn his efforts and denounce all that he represents. His intimate ties to Scientology is in itself sufficient to condemn him entirely, but probing deeper only reinforces the motion. Cruise is reportedly third in command in the ranks of Scientology, and its an institution that ultimately glorifies narcissism and elitism for the exchange of cash.

In brief, Cruise actually walks around with an internal dialogue ruminating ‘I am an ‘Operating Thetan‘ on the path to immortality’. Cruise has reached the level of Scientology whereby he believes himself to be liberated from the physical universe and exerting authority over MEST: Matter, energy, space and time.

‘The Church believe that an intergalactic overlord called Xenu, who presided over 78 planets, over 78 million years ago, and brought the overpopulated masses from the other planets to”The Prison Planet” Earth (called TeeGeeAk) where he bombed them with Hydrogen bombs.’

Katie Holmes, it has been revealed, was chosen by Cruise in collaboration with high ranking members  to fulfill  the role as his wife and child bearer in a 5 year marriage contract. Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara  had unsuccessfully  ‘auditioned’ for the role. The contract stipulated a cash bonus for bearing children. Her acting career would benefit from the publicity spin off and Tom would garner a more wholesome image, after couch jumping outbursts, and a much needed boost to his floundering career.  Ex-member of Scientology, director Paul Haggis and Vanity Fair writer Maureen Ort have confirmed the story. 


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