Am I a racist (Part 2)

Colonialism_TitleColonialism is how angry blacks rationalize the human misery that continues to dog the continent, its what they tell themselves and each other when trying to make sense of their suffering and conspicuous failures. But the measure of black pride staked on this most spurious wager is just too great to look for answers in more plausible places. They would never contemplate a  possible connection between their insistence on being led by criminally insane, megalomaniac, and corrupt  leaders or perhaps that a more honest and democratic approach to governance apart from the usual path of crony led plunder and looting, might yield more positive returns.

There are other countries that have been colonized by European white men, namely Canada (Queen Elisabeth 2 is the head of state), Australia and New Zealand with very different results.  The gleaned history of slavery according to Oprah and popular opinion  is fraught with omissions and distorted truths, to capitalize on white guilt no doubt. African nations played a central role in the Atlantic Slave Trade. (It just seems unlikely to me that Oprah and Jay Z would be riding around in limousines had they been born in Africa) The last country to abolish slavery was Mauritania in 1981 and only criminalized in 2007. Slavery, today, is still endemic in Sudan and still practiced in Niger. Child labor is rife in the Ivory Coast and Burma.  Paul Bairoch suggests a figure of 25 million African people subjected to the Arab slave trade, as against 11 million that arrived in the Americas from the transatlantic slave trade.  Ronald Segal estimates between 11.5 and 14 million were enslaved by the Arab slave trade.

International Aid, however well intended, has produced no long term gains for the African masses as black leaders have proved to be less than honest brokers, in typical African fashion, the dictator Mobutu of then Zaire, had the French concord at his beck and call, with regular flights to Paris for some shopping, and managed to amass a personal fortune of more than 5 billion dollars. Its certainly fun being a African dictator. The rest of the population, however didn’t fair quite as well.

Why is it that so many Africans are willing to risk death to cross the seas from Morocco for the glimmering hope of asylum in Europe. The reasons are self evident.  The persistent lie that all cultures are equal does not translate to reality or how the world actually  is.  Is it really racist to conclude that Australian culture and governance, for example, is more conducive to human happiness and prosperity than say Chad, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and is therefore superior.


I don’t make any claim that the cancer of dangerous and stupid ideas, is strictly fixed to racial lines, in the wake of the holocaust and Stalin, the  monopoly of evil is held by no singular race.  But a significant distinction can be made, for instance, between Germany and any of Africa’s failed states,  and it’s that Germans have clearly learned from their mistakes and transformed Germany into a prosperous, democratic nation,  Black Africans however will not even acknowledge their mistakes, resorting instead to paranoid conspiracy theories.

Since it is a social taboo to scrutinize ideologies and practices under the covering of culture and tradition, barbarism and savagery is given sanctuary.

Black African Medicine, if it were subjected to western scientific scrutiny would take its rightful place in the lunatic fringe of Medicine, but since it is protected by cultural and traditional  sensitivities it will never be eradicated. (Muti is not subjected to double-blind placebo led clinical trials). In South Africa, sangoma’s and inyanga, under the auspices of whats defined as ‘traditional healers’ has been accepted into mainstream western medicine, despite  bogus claims of efficacy.

The proliferation of ridiculous and backward superstitions inherent in black culture has no source (as opposed to a Holy book or enlightened teacher) other than tradition and stupidity.  The predominant superstition that ‘the ancestors’ exert significant and fateful influence over the lives of millions of Africans and may be advertently bribed and manipulated by pious rituals and vigorous dancing, may be a benign form of halfwit lunacy, however  the widely held belief that having sex with an infant can cure AIDS is not.  When babies as young as 6 -9  months old are dying of injuries due to rape, tolerance no longer has merit.

It would be conservative to assert that rape is over represented by black Africans. It is estimated that a woman is raped every 26 seconds in SA, the SAPS estimates that a woman is raped every 36 seconds. While white men certainly do rape, for black men it is merely a sport.



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