Am I a racist?


This is a highly complex question and brisk, over simplified conclusions to merit the label is the prevalent practice among the certifiably brain dead. In reference to the famous speech by Martin Luther King, I am in absolute concordance: that all individuals  be judged by the content of his/her character and not the color of their skin. However, it’s precisely  by the content of his character that Jacob Zuma, for instance, approximates to that of prison scum. Do I believe myself to be superior, absolutely! Infinitely so. It’s the ability to discern good from evil, justice from injustice, and the will to minimize the suffering of sentient beings on which my superiority abounds.

To not be considered a ‘racist’,  living in South Africa, requires considerable effort.  One should decisively embrace ignorance. A firm commitment to spoon fed propaganda is also a pre-requisite, as is no thoughts of your own accord or the suspension of all critical faculties. One can add: a sublime indifference to hypocrisy.

The perception of what constitutes racism is too subjectively quantified to positively identify a racist or a racist offense. I acknowledge that there is a weakness in the human condition known as racism but I don’t believe in the  consensus of opinion which routinely assigns the label.  I cannot acknowledge that a racist is affirmed by mere vocal utterance of rhetoric, whether it be insensitive or derogatory to the recipients or a slight to a particular ethnic group, it can be argued that the offended party has no compulsion to be rightly harmed or emotionally damaged by the utterance. Without violent action or active discrimination, a potential racist cannot be complicit to the charge. Thus the noun ‘racist’ is a vacuous term.

It is more a matter of social dysfunction than a legal breech, certainly.  Its in our nature to like or warm to people more than others, we choose our friends by common interests, passions and other characteristics of our own free will, and there is no categorical right and wrong in these social endeavors. Distrust exists between racial groups as it is human nature to  be partial to our own group or ‘tribe’ rightly or wrongly, that is the nature of the beast.  This is why we need laws to impede racial discrimination where it festers and it inevitably will. I make no apologies for the fact that I deride black African culture, and those who identify with it to be backward, primitive and ruinous to the progress of humanity.


There are caveats, but ingrained in this culture is a very casual regard to the sanctity of human life, life is created as casually as it is destroyed. There is hardly a need to document the habitual ease at which the brethren dispose of the living, suffice to say that nobody has killed more blacks than blacks.  There is a distinct lack of caution and sexual responsibility among the brethren that can be statistically verified. Of course it is ‘racist’ to acknowledge reality or any such data so it is discarded or embellished in our discourse. Human life in the said culture often merely serves as voting fodder for the next dictator and the approach is the more the merrier. The fact that there are financial implications to the production of offspring has not been well received by the brethren and is more likely to invoke conspiracy theories than caution.

One common theory in SA is that the white mentality of family planning in relation to financial responsibility is of course a conspiracy to curtail the numbers of blacks and perhaps inhibit their prosperity, thus large families and various love child’s will somehow equate to wealth and a  strong political majority. Countries with a black majority are of course beacons of hope, justice and prosperity, not that such a place can be found on the map, but that may also be a conspiracy.

Consequential to black leadership is a marked decrease in the value of the human life. Declining medical care and resources is integral to black majority rule as attested by Infant mortality rates.


Prevalent in the African mindset is the palpable decree of entitlement that exudes from public officials, whereby delicious and decadent living is a rite of passage. What’s sad is that the poverty stricken masses will be the first to defend any lavish excess as there remains a vestige of tribal politics among the black populace. Also a disturbing characteristic of black partisans is what I call the absolute blind faith absolutely syndrome.

The syndrome renders supporters intolerant to criticism of their leaders, its a loyalty that defies logic or reason, its as though, there has  never actually been in the history of Africa a black despot who perhaps never did have the best interest of the people at heart.

Shady politicians of the most affluent first – world countries would find it hard to stomach the extravagant consumption of ANC bigwigs.  The cost to maintain the egos of the ANC elite and further nurture visions of grandiosity is a drain on the economy, with presidential private jets and 2 million Rand Cars for MP’s passed as a necessity.   The acquirement of submarines, fighter jets, helicopters, etc in the controversial arms deal was apparently to protect the country from an invasion or American bombing campaign. The threats outside our borders are non-existent, yet the ANC doesn’t even attempt to protect citizens within its borders.

But Praise God, for all those benefiting from the arms deal will burn for all eternity in hell fire, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, amen.


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