Romancing Mandela (Part 2)

murder merry murderThe  narrative that Madiba groupies frequently herald as providing the context for his elevation as the African Messiah is that of two widely distinct outcomes upon his release from Robin Island. The one reads that had Nelson emerged from  prison a less forgiving and saintly man, a blood bath to the point of extermination was more than probable. But a meek Nelson, spared us this massacre for which he is due our unceasing adoration. We need to bring attention to several inconsistencies to the touted narrative.

While white and black have not clashed to the scale of a civil war, since 1994, the blood bath has in fact taken place, despite all the giddy proclamations of conciliation and racial harmony, no the violence has not abated. Black on black violence is commonplace and nothing new;  their cruelty to each other is second to none. Black on white violence, however has escalated quietly and the ANC would like you to believe that these acts of slaughter are clean and clinical, untainted by hatred or political motives.

The ANC propaganda machine has left an imprint that has the populace reeling to it’s sway.  Racial violence has taken a new name in post apartheid  South Africa and it is a political sleight of hand that has the brain-dead masses staring blankly. The new name is CRIME. Because of the sporadic, disorganized nature of crime, no-one notices the mounting body count, and the ANC has conveniently banned crime statistics.  Of course all races are victims of crime, however black on white slaughter is carefully obscured in a mire of crime statistics.

Let the reader consider this one crime out of many thousands like it. On a typical boys night, for many a patriotic youth, the festivities commence with  heavily armed youngsters ambushing Mrs Drennen, her 1 year old daughter, Kayla and future mother in law on their way to celebrate a birthday party in Pretoria. On the way the rowdy  and chanting men pick up a sixteen year old,

they forced Miss Drennen to watch as her daughter was shot in the back of the head and Mrs Rawstone, 52, in the neck. Miss Drennen was then raped, shot dead and her body dumped in a field.

Forward to the sentencing of 20 year old, Mr William Kekana, at Temba Circuit Court, Judge Leeuw  finds him guilty on 14 charges, including the murder of Hester Rawstone, 52, Janine Drennan, 24, and her one-year-old baby Kayla.

Kekana said in mitigation of sentence:

“I committed crimes for money. It was not my intention to kill or rape.”

Reynierse asked: “But instead you rape a mother, kill her one-year-old baby, and all that for two rings and a cellphone?”

Then Kekana said he would not answer the questions Reynierse put to him. He later said to Reynierse: “In this case you’re a white man, I’m a black man. I forgive you.”

But when asked to explain himself, Kekana said he was “referring to the apartheid era”.

Judge Leeuw was also shocked, and interrupted Kekana, asking him to explain himself again. He then said that Drennan, baby Kayla and Rawstone had been killed because they where white.

“Did you say you killed and raped a white lady and killed her child because of apartheid?” Judge Leeuw asked.

“Well, after the old lady (Rawstone) answered her cellphone in the car, she was shot. Thereafter we did everything we did because they were white,” Kekana said.

 Picked up by her hair and shot in the back of the head after her parents were murdered.

Picked up by her hair and shot in the back of the head after her parents were murdered.

Critics may claim this particular crime represents an anomaly, but no, the instances of this barbarism where there is nothing stolen and no clear motive is far too numerous. Theft is not a precursor to murder, there is a vast schism of pathology between the two. Even if we take Nelson at his word, and we assume that he and ANC comrades have pardoned the past injustices of apartheid, well guess what, on the occasion that a armed black man invades the house of the suburban white man, that same man is not Nelson Mandela.

. This weepy theme

gruesome reality

gruesome reality

of forgiveness does not represent the masses.

And then there is the more overtly bigoted phenomena of farm murders, with a body count of at least 3000 in the decade, the NGO Genocide Watch having the white minority calibrated on level 6 out of 8 for full scale genocide. Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch has stated,

“The farm murders, we have become convinced, are not accidental,” Stanton contended. “It was very clear that the massacres were not common crimes,” he added — especially because of the absolute barbarity used against the victims. “We don’t know exactly who is planning them yet, but what we are calling for is an international investigation,” he added.

There are good reasons why the ANC has neither the  political will nor the resources to contain crime to the accepted levels of a civilized society. Not only because the majority of  the ANC elite share the same moral and ethical values as thieves, murderers and rapists, but also a contributing factor is that crime is an enterprise of consistent returns, one that serves to delight comrades with trails of white blood and  booty. It would simply be a conflict of interest to have an effective criminal justice system in South Africa as our leaders would be running the country from prison cells.



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