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South-Africans-Protest-ObamaWith Obama’s visit to South Africa comes the chance for SA Muslims to unleash a tirade of hypocrisy unmatched by any people group, The Muslim Lawyers Association, after much deliberation and careful gathering of plotted lies and misinformation have formed a Muslim contingent of opposition to the American president, culminating in charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

According to News 24, the Muslim Lawyers’ Association (MLA) made an urgent application to the North
Gauteng High Court in Pretoria for Obama’s arrest, but was dismissed. As ludicrous as this legal bravado may appear, what’s all the more abominable is the touted justification for the arrest warrant – drone strikes and the targeting of Muslims which amounts to genocide.  To unpack this charge, firstly one would have to concede that this contingent have something against murder or even the murder of innocents. That would be a mistake. There has never been a demonstration of  concern for mass murder by the MLA and they certainly wouldn’t need to look beyond the borders of south Africa to find it.  In a groundbreaking study by Harvard, researchers conclude that policies instituted by the South African Government of actively denying life saving medications to HIV infected persons between 2000 -2005 directly resulted in the deaths of 365,000 people. The needless deaths the researchers contend were a direct result of Thabo Mbeki’s adherence of discredited AIDS dissident science.

Behind closed doors the MLA would certainly chuckle at the systematic slaughter of white farmers with a resounding absence of any reactionary moral epiphanies.

Amidst the chorus of appeals to retribution and justice, we can deduce that the MLA has no real moral objections to violent murder,  but is merely an obfuscation of the open sore, the ties between America and Israel and the religious identities of the players involved in bloody clashes.


I usually cant muster the power to prophecy future events, but when it pertains to Islamic hypocrisy and double standards the future is just too predictable. I prophecy that if Omar Al – Bashir were to visit South Africa, the great humanitarians of the MLA, working tirelessly to uphold the human rights of the downtrodden, would in an instant absolve itself from such moral duties.  The MLA are naturally unperturbed by the slaying of  between 200 000 and 400 000 Sudanese being that they are infidels and will undoubtedly refuse to honor the  arrest warrant supported by NATO, the Genocide Intervention Network and Amnesty International.

While Muslims portray themselves as a united people, ferociously defending their  brothers in the faith, the truth is they have never had any qualms about killing each other in substantial numbers. Sunnis killing Shiites is pretty much a daily activity and the history of this slaughter is easily documented.

Noting also that the adored prophet was not particularly squeamish. In fact he rather found comfort in  sessions of slaughter with close friends.

Never forget that Muslims slaughtered and conquered “for Allah” from Spain to China. These Arab conquests ( defensive  battles, they claim) were “more rapid than the Roman, more lasting than the Mongol…the most amazing feat in military history.” 2

Having proved himself the prophet of Allah with the sword, Muhammad sealed his apostleship with more than twenty murders, beginning with al-Nadr, an old enemy from Mecca. Taken captive in the battle at Badr, he pleaded that the Meccan Qur’aish tribe would never kill captives. Muhammad had him beheaded anyway, justifying the deed with another “revelation”: “It is not for any Prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land” (Surah 8:67).

Much of the growing Muslim wealth came from robbing and killing Jews, causing “the disappearance of these Jewish communities from Arabia proper” 4 —justified by a further “revelation” (Surah 33:26,27). To this day, by law no Jew may set foot in Saudi Arabia.

A number of poets were murdered at Muhammad’s behest for having mocked him in verse. The first was the poetess Asma bint Marwan, stabbed to death by Umayr while she was nursing her youngest child. The poet Abu Afak (reportedly more than 100 years old) was murdered next. Then came the Jewish poet Ka’b bin al-Ashraf. A timely “revelation” said all poets were inspired of Satan (Surah 26:221-227).


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