2523_693396594005657_132330649_nThe laws which govern our logic are now under threat by the menacing nature of Islam. It’s influence is so profound that even rational thought processes are now paying huge concessions to accommodate this rabid pathology. If you think this to be outlandish musings, perhaps you should consider the verdict of a Austrian court judge who ruled that one Elisabeth-sabaditsch -Wolff should pay a fine of 480 euros for calling Mohammad a pedophile.

Despite being historically irrefutable and widely known by learned Muslims that Mohammad consummated his marriage to Aisha at the age of nine, this was met with indifference as the judge reasoned that the term pedophilia was factually incorrect for the case of Mohammad, because he was still married to Aisha when she was 18. You have not read this sentence incorrectly, that was indeed the rationale cited by the judge.

The fact that a Dutch politician Geert Wilders has to live the rest of his life, hunted by savage, religious mobs calling for his blood should compel us to take a hard look at Islam. Liberal democracies are allowing themselves to be bullied into self censorship and imposed  restrictions on artistic expression at the mere chance of upsetting pious Muslims. Their right to take offense trumps all others!  Have we not the right to be more or equally offended by their reduction of woman to cattle, their stoning of apostates, their constant threats and violent reprisals to  the mere expression of ideas in books, cartoons, literature, films and critique?

With the perpetual influx of Muslim immigrants into democratic societies there’s only one of two realities than can prevail, either Muslims integrate and conform to our moral values or we by  Islamic branded intimidation will be coerced to adopt theirs, (submission) Its high time we stand for our own. We need not grovel or whimper at the feet of aggressors as opted by our elected leaders, but rather send a message without reservation or any form of apology. That message forcefully and loudly stipulating our right to reject the claims of Islam and its prophet, the right to convey criticism by any means of our choice and our right to live our lives unaffected by menacing impositions.


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