Apartheid State

676x380Now when SA was under Apartheid, was there even a whimsical suggestion of Israel being an Apartheid state, No, because this is a recently contrived ploy to deceive the ignorant masses or indulge those already receptive to such filthy lies. Of course, those obedient to the Jew hating God of Islam savor the opportunity to channel bigotry and hypocrisy in the direction of Israel.  Anyone who has visited Israel just once can recognize the sinister and libel nature of such a charge. One and a half million Arabs live in Israel constituting about 20 percent of the country’s population. They share precisely equivalent rights as all Israeli citizens and always have. They have the right to vote and they do, they can serve in the Israeli parliament and they do, some being members of the Knesset since 1949 There are 17 current members of Arab ethnicity serving in the Knesset.  They can be judges and they are, it was an Arab judge, George Karra who sentenced a former Israeli president, Katsav to seven years in jail on a rape charge!  Walid Badir has 74 caps for the national Israeli soccer team and oh is also an Arab Israeli. Rana Raslan was the first Arab Israeli who won the Miss Israel crown in 1999. Ismail Khaldi, was the DeputyConsul in San Francisco, etc, etc.  The Road signs in Israel are written in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

In fact Arabs in Israel enjoy more freedoms and rights than any Arab in the Arab world! This is because Israel of course is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. Now the Arabs outside of Israel in the so called occupied territories do not enjoy such liberties, this is true, but that might have something to do with the fact that THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS OF ISRAEL, THEY ARE GOVERNED BY HAMAS. When they do enter Israel they undergo extensive security checks, annoying and time consuming, yes, I’m sure, but perhaps this has something to do with a incessant urge to  indiscriminately mame and kill citizens of Israel in buses, restaurants, etc. This kind of reaction has been known to man since the beginning of time, it is known as self defense.

The security wall which divides Israel and the West Bank? Is this an example of Apartheid, Yes, if you are also clinically brain-dead. Is The wall that divides Mexico from the US an instrument of Apartheid or is there some purpose involved. Is the wall that surrounds your house to keep criminals out a right-wing manifestation of racism or is there  perhaps another explanation?

The ANC  are dear friends and enablers to the worst human rights offenders, including Libya, China, Iran, and Zimbabwe, but Tutu, Davis and comrades viciously lead a stampede to a Israeli boycott. Also they are determined to censor any counter views on Israel, with Dershowitz being refused a platform in SA universities.


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