Fuck off Beckam

crying David BeckhamThe exit of David Beckam from football should hardly be worth mentioning nor sufficient to elicit any emotion save revulsion, condemnation or righteous indignation, but all the groveling and outpourings of grace demands a clinical response to such an assault on rationality. Beckam is the most potent reflection of elitism and mankind’s striving obsession to mark certain individuals as to be elevated above the mere mortal.

Groupies of these consecrated mortals need to be confronted with telling facts about their appointed heroes. Firstly it is crucial to  acknowledge that David Beckam has never worked a day in his life, thus it can be deduced that the girly British git has never earned a honest wage.  It is imperative that we revisit the  accepted axioms that define work or labor and seriously challenge these assumptions. Another beneficiary of this prevalent elitism is the common garden boy known as Tiger Woods.

A hard working, highly skilled  surgeon would have to live 800 years to earn the income of Tiger Woods and we must simply swallow this filthy abomination whole? Why is it that a miner in Peru must toil in the  darkened depths of the earth for a meager pittance while a garden boy strolls around prepared lawns clocking up millions with the swing of a club. It’s mans insatiable appetite to glorify certain human activities and debase others that pays for Tigers fleet of super cars and starves the less entitled.

Mans ability to rationalize greed is most forthcoming, but I decree that is by no means justified, but it is the majority that feed these illusions and the time for revolution is nigh. The likes of Woods and Beckam, I contend, should be rounded up by force,  subdued to 14 hour shifts in the mine shafts to taste the sweat and heat of honest labor, and if they remain unrepentant, their subsequent execution entirely lawful and righteous.


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