The  Steencamp murder (I refuse to preface the word ‘alleged’)  and the ensuing  media hysteria, certainly  proves that some lives are more important than others.  I fear it will also prove the cynical view that justice, in this, here beloved country, is to be put on auction.  But the auction will  at least provide us much needed entertainment.

It is well known in SA society that that value of cash far exceeds that of human life, therefore Oscar is well within his rights to proceed as any free and entitled citizen of the republic – albeit with the inconvenience and nuisance of a trial. The mishap of a butchered blonde should not require that Oscar  forgo a charmed lifestyle nor some regular leg over. This would be an insult to the ethos of all South Africans.

The sating and fawning of unremarkable mortals  is one of  mankind’s most enduring obsessions and with Mister Pistorius, we have a man whose sole contribution to humanity is to at times run faster on sticks than some others.  This is apparently an activity that demands our prostration. But lets put this libel aside for now.

There are many inconsistencies in Oscars story that have been noted already, but I’m  not sure if this particular issue has been raised: Lets presume Oscar did perceive a threat from a intruder – the fact is that this intruder could not, at the time have posed any threat to him – behind a locked door in the bathroom. Is it not still against the law to slay a intruder so convincingly? Do not for a moment think that the truth will come out in the trial – all that’s likely to emerge is the bungling and incompetence of a perverted justice system.   There is even some discussion that Oscar may be telling the truth – as if his recounting of events is remotely tenable and the material of intellectual debate.

As I read the article ‘Female Pistorians’ –  defend Oscar till the end, I cannot subdue pangs of nausea. It appears there is already preparations underway that eligible young maidens be summoned to fill the vacant position for Oscar’s plaything.  There appears to be a intellectual impairment intrinsic to female psychology that is indicative of the Pistorians collective rallying.  This misguided solidarity cannot be in any  context invoked by a vested interest in justice or morality, but is rather the product of a mental deficit, yet to be explained by the frontiers of psychology.
It is evident that Reeva Steencamp was living with this very impairment that ultimately brought about her demise. It is the female addiction to fame, riches and glamor and the men that are the custodians of these offerings that renders them defenseless.

To a discerning gentleman, Oscar Pistorious can be confirmed a rank asshole and common thug in a matter of seconds, but to many females this knowledge will be forever unattainable.  Reeva Steencamp, I’m sorry to say was a dedicated whore.  She couldn’t fend the pull of the limelight that was inextricable to Oscar Pistorious.  The ego of  Pistorious, groomed and messaged by unmerited adulation and privilege would not suffer well any objectionable behavior, thus when Reeva said no, Oscar was having none of it. When Oscar gives an order to assume the position – you had better follow suit – that’s what happened that night and that’s the sad truth.


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