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917863_772634Thobeka Madiba-Zumazuma_1588853a,   formerly a bank clerk, until she was snatched by the Zulu King and incorporated into a ring of live – in whores to cater to the sex organ of Mr.Jacob  Zuma, the tribal chief  or criminal head of the racketeering enterprise known as the ANC, has cried foul to the unholy separation of R500 000 worth of Jewelry from her person. Now the fact the SA taxpayer must subsidize the adornment of this portable slab of meat should in any conscionable  human being instigate a stream of vomit to eject at high velocity from the intestinal tract until contents are depleted.

The delicious and extravagant lifestyles of six live in whores is entirely financed by the state under the guise of ‘spousal support’.  The budget for the presidential spousal support office was R15.5-million in the 2009/10 financial year. The long suffering Madiba Zuma  would have us moist at the eyes for this cruel injustice, for folds of flatulent lard to be without gold and silver decoration brings many a comrade to despair.

We are privileged to have been offered this critical piece of counsel from the first Lady of the chieftain

Diseases have cost our countries the lives of women that died prematurely. I see social media taking over the medium of communication all over the world.”

The Madam has reputedly made a contribution, of some sort, toward fighting global disease. This theory, I feel, warrants further scrutiny.   This foray into the field of health is perhaps a brief interlude from their only full time job:  being wined, dined and pampered at the courtesy of the tax-payer.  The mere existence of this band of parasites may only add to disease and suffering and should be beneath the dignity of any thinking person.


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