Secrecy Bill

610x350The Protection of State Information Bill, a pseudonym for ‘we reserve the right to conceal theft, corruption and fraud of our members’ having passed a majority vote is now poised to be grafted into law by the presidents signature.

The center of organized crime, namely the ANC are annoyed that their criminal activities are continually put on display by the media. They may actually believe  that the constant address as ‘honorable members’ by fellow comrades mystically associates them with the meaning and substance of the word.  It is impossible not to be overcome with paralyzing nausea when that which amounts to abominable filth and excrement – dressed in suits and ties somehow find it within themselves to utter a word such as honor.   It is at that point in a space time continuum that the very fires of Hell are roused –  burning with all the more fervent heat and intensity.

So be consoled. Rejoice and clap your hands, for the torments of the wicked are certain and without mercy.

Furthermore, the undertaking is in essence, a cowardly contingent of state machinery designed to bully those who have not shown the necessary respect.  Zuma – a man who cannot on his own merits engender anything to resemble respect – shall have it by any means – enforced by legislation.  Zuma demands respect by an appeal to tribal politics whereby respect is due by virtue of position and position alone.  To the black African, respect comes by default of the position, thus any account of conduct is a white, colonial and henceforth racist affair.

What most self respecting individuals would be too ashamed to admit publicly or even to themselves,  the SA Communist Party General freely and openly sounded on a radio show:

“No, no, no, don’t come and quote the Oxford English Dictionary, I’m sorry, because that is precisely the issue I am fighting. This kind of imposition of certain cultural values at the complete disregard of the cultural values of the overwhelming majority of the people in this country, that’s my issue.”

If this rhetoric encapsulates the cultural values of the majority then the majority have yet to divorce themselves from primitive, backward and totalitarian politics that is the nostalgia of a Shaka Zulu era of leadership.

The Shepherd


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