Is Islam a cult

67786092_67786091DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware that there are various sects in the Islamic faith, with nuanced adherence to its doctrines. I don’t doubt there are a multitude of good and decent Muslims living good and decent lives, but my primary contention is with the Islamic faith itself, a plethora of fundamentally dangerous and often wicked ideas that when introduced to unsuspecting human minds, brings forth a harvest of equally wicked actions and behaviors.

Islam has all the characteristics of  a cult, an ambitious statement you may think, but actually no, you just haven’t thought it through. It eludes perception as a cult, on the grounds of it’s sheer numbers, but the traits of a cult are ever apparent. Islam ticks all the boxes.

With any attempt to reason with either the brain-dead or well programmed converts there is a bar that needs to be passed in order to progress from the elementary. One requires the capacity to distinguish between a benign belief and a inherently harmful, sinister belief. For instance, the belief that Elvis Presley is God is in stark contrast to the idea you are under a divine mandate to slaughter infidels. The latter has grave and wide-spread implications for all humanity, the former just leaves you looking silly.

Unique to Islam is it’s particular ownership of the ‘truth’ and how it means to bring the unconvinced to it’s submission. It has been said that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. What it really means to say is that should you decide not to agree, however, the threat of death is to be placed on short notice. Notwithstanding the essential element of Islamic recruitment – violence and accompanied duress, without which, today Islam would be some obscure cult on the periphery.

Islam  simply cannot be sustained without the perpetual intimidation and prohibition of foreign ideas and information by a sponsoring totalitarian regime. Imams and Mullahs have not been known to cherish the principles of a secularized democracy, in Islamic thought the concept is a invention of Western decadence, just one of the many fruits of it’s ungodly condition. Islamic states are by definition theocratic and abhor the critical separation of church/mosque and state.

Turkey is the only exception to this rule, however de facto persecution of non-Muslims is in evidence.

Beheading remains an effective deterrent against those with thoughts of relinquishing or flirting with other faiths.  Indeed without the proliferation of violence and coercion that sustains Islam, the religion of peace would inevitably wane as  decent people naturally gravitate towards free and tolerant societies.

Muhammad, a merchant of the Quraish tribe , commissioned his military career with a series of raids on passing caravans. The first successful raid occurred during the month of Ramadan, previously considered a period of peace, however a timely revelation (Surah 2:217) was to alter this view.

Muhammad was soon to realize the symbiotic relationship enjoyed by religious faith and violence.

Islam boasts military conquests of Persia, Turkey, all of North Africa, Spain, finally losing momentum in France at the Battle of Tours – described by historian Will Durant:

“more rapid than the Roman, more lasting than the Mongol…the most amazing feat in military history.”

The propagation of the faith is also forever in debt to the incremental effects of human reproduction.

The faith literally begets from the parent to child, thus instantly deducted from the privileges of the Muslim infant is the will and spiritual self-determination. This bears the unmistakable hallmark of a cult, whereby human volition is usurped by the covering of the family unit. Those who have not been rigorously indoctrinated since birth, would be ill prepared to presume the incoherent rants that make up the Koran are the very words of God.

Almost as soon as the Muslim enters the world, a campaign is already underway to introduce a steady diet of hate filled propaganda to malleable minds. It will not be long until sentiments consistent with The Protocols of the elders of Zion has made its mark.

Any thinker knows that any information that is heralded as truth with profound claims upon the human race should be open to inquiry and more tolerant of skepticism. But Islam is incredibly insecure for a faith that claims to be the final revelation of the Creator.  Case on point to the credibility of the Koran as the final and inerrant word of God, nobody could have said it better than the late Hitchens:

‘There is obviously a connection between the sheer feebleness of this claim and the absolutely fanatical certainty with which it is advanced.’

The ideology is rightly threatened by alternative views of liberalism and  the influence of competing faiths, knowing that it’s suppression is critical to its own survival.
Muslims are discouraged or forbidden from forming  friendships with unbelievers (Qur’an 5:51, Qur’an 3:118 and Qur’an 4:144)

Muslims themselves describe Islam as a “complete way of life”.  The edicts of the faith infiltrate all aspects of daily life including dress code, diet, hygiene, financial matters, relationships and sexual activities.

The doctrines of Islam clearly teach the supremacy, elitism of the faithful and the subservience of the non believer.

Its dogmas are undoubtedly at enmity with liberal values and its pathologically inspired  proselytization is exceedingly detrimental to the progress of humanity.


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